Raspberry Kiss

Raspberry Kiss £12 Vodka based Raspberry drink, finished with white chocolate pieces, contains egg for a silky smooth finish.


LBC £12 Think of a Pina Colada.. but better, and without the cream

Mai Tai

Mai Tai £14 The worlds greatest cocktail. Bitter orange, rums, Orgeat and bitter balance.

Espresso on the Rocks

Espresso on the Rocks £14 Classic espresso martini, served over ice for these summer sun days

Gin Toniq

Gin Toniq £11.50 House Gin serve. Top end Gin Mare with Rhubarb Soda

On Top Old Fashioned

On Top Old Fashioned £14 Dried fruit infused Woodford Reserve Bourbon, blended with bitters and seasonal spiced syrup. Served over block ice with a twist of orange

On Top Negroni

On Top Negroni £12 Classic drink served in a new style. Pre batched, served in a medicine bottle, beautiful glassware and a clear ice block


Americano £8 Low alcoholic.. high flavour.. easy day drinking

Sunshine Amaretto Sour

Sunshine Amaretto Sour £12 Sweet with a bite, delicious nostalgic flavours of cola cubes..